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The Conservation Program

The repair of the broken terrace steps completed early in 1994 with a permit from the Historic Buildings Council.
One of the most important aspects about Mandeville Hall is that it is remarkably intact. The ownership by the Loreto nuns has meant, in some ways, very little change to the original interiors. Simple good housekeeping has preserved what would otherwise have been lost by attrition and natural decay.

The school is mindful of its responsibility as the custodian of this significant part of the nation's heritage. In 1990 a detailed study of the property was commissioned with the support of the Historic Buildings Council. It confirmed and elaborated on the significance of the place, recorded its condition and made recommendations for the long term conservation of the building and interiors. Works have proceeded to make the roof watertight, restore and repair the parapet, install a fireproofing system and to rewire the building. All these works have been done according to the principles set down in the Charter for the Conservation of Places Of Cultural Significance written by Australia ICOMOS, the national chapter of the International Council on Monuments and Sites.

More recently, conservators have been appointed to help with the long term conservation of Mandeville Hall. This conservation program will include such things as the revelation of decoration obscured by overpainting, stabilisation of the fragile textiles in the drawing room, much cleaning and other good house keeping measures to control as well as to monitor the micro-environment of the interiors. Deterioration has already occurred but can be managed appropriately. Clear policies will be followed to find the balance between conserving the best of the past while allowing the school to function into the future. | | | | © 2002-2003