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Much of the work researching the history for this booklet was done in 1990 for the Conservation Analysis. The staff of Timothy Hubbard Pty Ltd who wrote that report must be acknowledged first, particularly Mr Bryce Raworth. The school community of Loreto Mandeville Hall has continued to take a keen interest in the history of the house and helped with this booklet. Mother Borgia Tipping who once taught at Loreto Mandeville Hall and did research of her own and Mrs Anne Hunt, the present Principal, are specially acknowledged for their interest. Mr Tom Parrott, ever practical, is always around when needed.

Outside the school but within the Mandeville 'fimily' are Ms Suzanne Forge who spotlighted the interiors of Mandeville Hall in her book Victorian Splendour; Mr and Mrs James Clarke who are the direct descendants of Joseph and Caroline Clarke; Mr Michael Clarke his family's historian; and the descendants of Isabel Ross Soden. Mrs Sonia Bellmaine, the grand-daughter of Isabel Ross Soden, was most helpful with family photographs.

Thanks are also due to the staffs of the State Library of Victoria, the Australian Archives, the Catholic Diocesan Archives, the National Australia Bank and other research sources. The professional photography was done by Irvine Green, whose photograph from Victorian Splendour is reproduced with the kind permission of Ms Suzanne Forge and by Claudia Hall. Ms Candida Baskcomb took the detail photograph of the portrait of Mrs Caroline Clarke. Other modern photographs are by the author. | | | | © 2002-2003