What your home insurance should always have

What your home insurance should always have

Home insurance is undoubtedly one of the main insurance for any family. The fact of covering the contingencies that may occur in the home makes it an essential insurance, but, at the same time, in many aspects it is a little known insurance and that we are not always clear about the most important thing.

The main issue when hiring a home insurance is that it is done based on what you really need to insure. Interestingly, this is not always the case since, on many occasions, we hire home insurance automatically linked to the mortgage lending itself . This means that we do not always have clear coverage we have hired, and if these are really what we need.

It must be clear that today it is essential to have a home insurance if we are going to hire a mortgage, but it is not contracting it with whoever offers us the mortgage. This makes the fan open much more and that when it comes to insuring your home you can make better decisions.

When hiring the insurance

Home insurance can include a huge amount of coverage. In this case we are going to focus on the basics, on what should be fundamental in any case within your insurance.

Therefore, it is essential that you are clear from the beginning what aspects of your home you really want or need to ensure in addition to the basic coverages.

Once this is clear, you have to confront it with what the insurance offers, being obligatory, of course, to read the fine print and access all the particular conditions that the policy is going to propose to you. If you find things that you do not understand or clauses that you do not clearly understand, always consult your advisor since he is obliged to inform you clearly so that you can understand what you are signing and the answer that the insurance will offer in each section.

Obviously it is fundamental during this review of the fine print in the particular conditions of insurance to pay attention to both the coverage and what they include and what they propose as compensation. Here you should pay special attention to the limitations and franchises that the policy may present.

Do not give anything of course, what is not explicitly collected in a home insurance is not contemplated.

Essential coverage in home insurance

Essential coverage in home insurance

As we said earlier, home insurance can have dozens of coverage, so we must pay attention to the fundamentals in addition to the basic civil liability insurance. These two would be the most important:

  • Fire
  • Theft and acts of vandalism

From these two basic coverages there are some protection elements that are also essential or almost:

  • Glass breakage
  • Damage caused by water

This would be the minimum assurance base from which you can begin to customize, if you really need it, your home insurance including valuable content items, etc. to combined insurance that can really include a large spectrum of protection.